corporate identity for the exhibition “ANNA SKIBSKA. This American bulldog is sleeping on the job or Art in the face of economic crisis
XII volume 16×16 cm – “SCHEGGE DI VETRO”
Murano Glass Museum
Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia

curated by Anna Skibska, Chiara Squarcina
from 31 may to 1 december 2013

the catalogue

It is a light joke in the face of this serious economic crisis
After all I prefer to laugh than to cry.
Because I can’t count on the presence of any guardian
to look after my clouds (art)
I hired a dog to do so.
Regrettably, the American bulldog
(despite its breed beeing known for faithfulness, strength and perseverance)
is sleeping on the job…
like many other dogs these days.
One good thing comes out of it: he is dreaming about me.
How do I know that?
Look at his face – how content he is.
That’s how gracefully art is facing the hardship of the economic crisis.
Closing it’s eyes
and dreaming about something pleasant.
That’s all.

Anna Skibska



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